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CS Commodity Solutions Ltd

CS Commodity Solutions Ltd was formed in 2001 to act as brokers for commodities in both domestic and international markets. We operate as an independent service-provider to the grain, feed and biomass industries as well as offering a consultancy service to major food manufacturers on the grain market. We strive to act as an integral part of our clients' trading strategy. 

Specialist Brokers

Founded by Peter Crisford and Robert Streatfeild, today we have a five strong team.  Each team member has moved from trading companies to develop and grow CS Commodity Solutions Ltd. Because of our backgrounds we are able to provide unique insight and understanding of the markets in which we operate.

We have long standing connections with both suppliers and consumers, as well as a powerful appreciation of our clients' needs. We use this to create market opportunities and initiatives that reflect both the quality of the goods and the performance of all parties involved in each contract.

Commodity Experts

CS Commodity Solutions Ltd connects suppliers and consumers across all markets each and every day.

Always with integrity, honesty and confidentiality.

We want to be there for the long term and seek only to enter into good business for the benefit of all.



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